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 exchange - communication

The performance / art  event UNGEMUETLICH is concepted and organized by the Berlin artist and independent director Frédéric Krauke as an intercultural exchange through art.


friction – potential – respect

When little space remains for the many,
When proximity provokes,
When the insistence of the one displaces others,
Things then become uncomfortable.



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headline pictures by Fidelis Fuchs

This performance / art event is organized as an intercultural exchange between Berlin based, international, and Korean-based artists. It has taken place in Berlin, Germany in 2019, in the year of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and strives to present and address multiple approaches to historical meanings, differences, and analogies between the two countries through art.


This project sould have taken place again in 2020, the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany  as UNGEMUETLICH VII at the LOOP Alternitive Space in Seoul, South Korea. Do to the Covid-19 pandamic and it's glabal effects, the event has been shifted to take place in 2021  and claims to create an improving and developing exchange in-between the participant artists and the audiences of the event.

“The diverse language of traditional, idealistic, abstract, artistic and symbolic actions connected with performance art might be understood as a request for respect for humanity, for freedom of expression and existence, for the desire and hope for peace - despite cultural, historical, political, and contemporary differences.” Frédéric Krauke



Impressions of divers artistic works and the atmosphere of UNGEMUETLICH V and VI.


The main idea of the project lost borders is to remove the ink-drawing that Frédéric Krauke created on the
windows of an abandon observatory cabin in in the Goseong Unification Observatory area during
the DMZ Art Festa 2018 and take it out of the DMZ. On its north side the drawing shows the
landscape of North Korea, on its east side the ocean and horizon and on its south side the
landscape of South Korea. There are no borders structures to be seen in the drawing of the
landscape. When seen from the outside, from the north or from the south, the drawing of the
landscape crossfades into a new landscape that combines both north and south into a state of
lost borders.
Now that what was once military material has been transformed into a drawing, Frédéric Krauke has
 this artwork, out of the DMZ and have it exhibited at UNGEMÜTLICH VI.

잃어버린 경계 - “UNGEMÜTLICH VI” 중

프로젝트 잃어버린 경계 의 주 된 아이디어는 프레드릭 크라우케 Frédéric Krauke 가 2018년 ‘DMZ 아트 페스타 ’(DMZ Art Festa) 기간 동안 고성 통일 전망대 (Goseong Unification Observatory) 지역의 버려진 관측소의 창문에 작업한 잉크 드로잉을 제거하는 것 이었습니다.

드로잉은 북쪽으로는 북한의 풍경 , 동쪽은 바다와 수평선 , 남쪽은 한국의 풍경을 보여줍니다 . 이 풍경 드로잉에는 보이는 경계선 구조가 없습니다.
북쪽 또는 남쪽 의 창문 바깥쪽에서 본다면 이 풍경 드로잉은 북쪽과 남쪽을 결합한 잃어버린 경계 상태의 새로운 풍경으로 크로스 페이드 됩니다.
프레드릭 크라우케 의 목표는 , 한 때 는 군물자였으나 그의 드로잉으로 인해 변형 된 이 작품을 DMZ 에서 베를린으로 이동하여 제 6 회 불편한 기운 에 전시 하는 것입니다

베를린에서 서울/남한, DMZ까지 그리고 베를린으로 돌아 가기 :

  • street of Seoul
  • sunshine flow
  • street os Seoul
  • street of Seoul
  • street of Seoul
  • street of Seoul
  • Korean dinner
  • korean lunch
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea
  • Daeboung / South Korea



26.05.2019, 12:02

"give water to life" found it's final destination to grow and become a strong tree.

Thank you dear Deasoo Lee for your help and support. This was a wonderful ending of the 2019 DMZ Daebungho Culture Festival when artwork creats new relationships.    mehr

23.05.2019, 21:31

Daeboung / South Korea - close to the DMZ

Arrived in an area between plantations, rocks, woods and concrete - starting the preparations for the festival.   mehr

22.05.2019, 10:13

Seoul / South Korea - short stay in den morning at 6pm

After 36 hours of trip finally arrived in Seoul to jump back into a magic capital with infinity impressions.   mehr

13.05.2019, 23:06

"project lost borders" and 2019 DMZ Daebungho Culture Festival

Take off - 20.05.2019 - from Berlin / Seoul on the way to South Korea for the project "lost borders" and 2019 DMZ Daebungho Culture Festival.   mehr

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