Berlin - Seoul  /  2019 - 2021   /  performance - art - event

History of the event

Up to now, the UNGEMUETLICH concept has taken place six times:

UNGEMUETLICH I in Berlin in 2011,
UNGEMUETLICH II in Karlsruhe in 2012, and                                                                                                                                                https://vimeo.com/178564310
UNGEMUETLICH III again in Berlin in 2013.                                                                                                                      https://vimeo.com/178536225
UNGEMUETLCH IV took in cooperation with French artists and the Goethe Institut Marseille
at L'Embobineuse, 11 Boulevard Oués, 13003 Marseille, France, in September 2016.
The documentation of this event was presented as an exhibition with video projection and live
performances at the afternoon salon À l'Oriel on September 9, 2017, and with additional
new performances at l'Asile 404 in Marseille and at CASA LOBA in Reillanne, France.                                                                    https://vimeo.com/238033317 & https://vimeo.com/237999049

UNGEMUETLCH V took place at the Willner Brauerei Berlin in October 2017.                                                     https://vimeo.com/391471493                                                                                                                                               UNGEMUETLICH VI took place at the Forum Factory Berlin from August 01 to 03, 2019.                                  https://vimeo.com/388339324


Impressions from UNGEMÜTLICH V - Willner Brauerei Berlin - 2017

  • der Ritter
  • " Der obsolete Ritter"
    " Der obsolete Ritter"
  • Amy klement
    Amy klement
  • Zabo Chabiland
    Zabo Chabiland
  • Franz Hugo
    Franz Hugo
  • Nora Niko & Tifan
    Nora Niko & Tifan
  • Detail
  • Franz Hugo
    Franz Hugo
  • Impression
  • Impression
  • Anais Poulet
    Anais Poulet
  • Rolf Langhans
    Rolf Langhans