[공지] <해방서사 남북동서 Liberation Narritives_South and North, East and West> 2020.11.17-22 경기천년길 갤러리_경기평화광장

Nov. 17~22, 2020
Gyeonggi Peace Plaza_ Gyeonggi Cheonnyeongil Gallery, South Korea

※ Participating artists: Moon Jae-seon (Korea), Frederic Krauke (Germany)
Host | SORO Performance Unit

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Period: 17th - 22nd November, 2020
Live Performance: 2pm 22nd November, 2020
Opening: 5pm, 17th November, 2020
GyeongGi Peace Plaza_GyeongGi Cheonyeongil Gallery,
Uijeongbu City, GyeongGi-do Korea
Hosted by:
SORO Performance Unit
Organized by:
Ungemütlich, SORO
Supported by:
GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
PAN Asia(Performance Art Network Asia)

■ Background
The DMZ, which was created by the Korean War Armistice Agreement 67 years ago, has become a
symbolic place to realize the peaceful mission of mankind putting the Cold War ideology of a region
behind. The collapse of the Berlin Wall, which marks the 31st anniversary in 2020, has become an
important part of the modern history as it brought about changes in daily lives through peaceful
harmony. Accordingly, the peaceful exchanges of artworks through the solidarity of artists in Korea
and Germany can make it possible to take a thematic approach that can realize the universal

■ Intention
○ To turn the lost borders which create numerous signs of conflicts and anxiety in the post Cold War
era into artistic solidarity activities.
○ To present the future-oriented direction regarding the meaning and impact of global peace on our
lives regardless of the East and the West through community art activities
○ To find the inflection point of life by revealing the backside of capitalism that seeks to maximize
profit and loss of humanity through peaceful artistic exchanges.

■ Theme and details of the exhibition
Performance < Liberation Narratives | South and North, East and West>
“Troubled times encourage meditation”.
2020 marks the 67th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Agreement and 31st anniversary of
the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The post Cold War era affects the surrounding area of daily lives
transcending national boarders, facing present times. In the era of hyper-competition culture where
constant relationship is encouraged, there is only the greedy cultural space which is not peaceful. As
such, the flow of ideology has brought about the loss of humanity and hedonism behind the pursuit of
maximum profit, leading to a situation where peace is rejected. We need to find a peaceful clue that
restores the balance of the world in front of the peaceful DMZ and the Berlin wall that was broken
down between the East and the West.
We try to demonstrate the performance which listens carefully to the voice from inside to keep the
virtue of peace in the world full of uncertainty. In addition to installation of artwork and performance,
we will continue the process of installing the wall of peace that seeks liberated daily lives with the
participation of audience.

※ Participating artists: Moon Jae-seon (Korea), Frederic Krauke (Germany)
※ Audience: 67 Gyeonggi-do citizens, Encouraging participation through online platform

○ Chapter 1: Pacato | Quietly and peacefully
Installations and performance utilizing collections from DMZ such as loudspeaker for
announcement toward North Korea, iron plate and plant
○ Chapter 2: Lost Borders
Installation and performance of artist Frederic Krauke, a representative of Ungemütlich,
an art group established with the historical motif of the Berlin Wall.
○ Chapter 3: Narratives for the liberation of daily lives
Installation to make 67 audiences participate in filling the message of peace (topper three
dimensional characters) (to be recruited online in a non-face-to-face situation


Venue | GyeongGi Peace Plaza Gallery, Tak Hall
UiJeongb u Ci ty, GeongGi do Province, Korea

Host | SORO Performance Unit

Organization | SORO Performance Unit (K orea)orea), UNGEMUETLICH (German y)

Supported by GyeongGi do, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
PAN Asia(Performance Art Network Asia), Y ogiga Gallery

Featured Artists | Frederic Krauke, Moon Jae Seon